Tooth Extractions in Charlotte, NC

It is time to deal with your afflicted tooth!

Removals Do Happen

Unfortunately your teeth aren't indestructible and occasionally need to be extracted.
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We tell our patients every day: even if you brush and floss regularly, you may still have to deal with tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth disease at some point in your life. Often, you can avoid these conditions by maintaining a regular schedule of visits to your Charlotte dentist for routine dental check-ups and professional teeth cleaning.

Usually, many of these types of conditions can be caught and treated early before they get out of hand. Despite all of these measures, however, sometimes a tooth cannot be saved and a tooth extraction is necessary.

When you get a toothache, it’s often a sign that the tooth’s nerve is under attack by bacteria or tooth decay. A quick visit to a dentist can often repair and save the tooth by fixing the cavity with a filling made of porcelain, metal, or metal alloy. Sometimes, however, the tooth disease or gum disease has progressed too far for even our excellent dentist to fix, and we must perform a tooth extraction.

The Extraction Process

Your tooth is removed in three simple steps.

If you believe you may have a problem developing in one or more teeth – or if you know it for certain – the time to deal with it is now. No matter how long it’s been since you saw the dentist, no matter how far you think you have “let it go,” we assure you we have seen worse. And, no matter what, we will treat you with care and respect.

We can remove your tooth in three simple steps:

Step One
We prepare the tooth for removal by numbing the area.
Step Two
Your dentist will remove the tooth with forceps.
Step Three
We will keep the area clean and healthy until your restoration is placed.

“We were referred to Dr. Crowley Correll by our orthodontist, who is in the same complex. My daughter needed a tooth extracted before braces could be applied. Dr. Crowley Correll was able to get here scheduled right away and our visit couldn't have been more pleasant. The staff made us feel very welcomed and eased my daughter's anxiety about the procedure. They went above and beyond to make her comfortable.”

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